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UTCRAS is your single source for all your manufacturing and remanufacturing needs. 


Truck Assembly Division

​UTCRAS' Truck Assembly Division can accommodate the assembly or overhaul of any size or type of truck from any make or model of rail vehicle. Truck assembly services include: 

  • Truck Assembly 

  • Truck Overhaul 

  • Truck Frame Straightening 

  • Blasting, Painting, NDT

  • Spin Test

  • Load Testing 

  • Technical Upgrades

  • Miscellaneous Truck Parts  

Wheelset Assembly Division

UTCRAS Wheelset Assembly Division offers a full service AAR certified shop for any type of wheelset assembly. These services include: 

  • Wheelset Assembly Design and Engineering

  • Wheelset Assembly

  • Wheelset Assembly Overhaul

  • Wheel Truing 

  • Wheel Boring 

  • Locomotive Combos 

  • Wheelset Balancing

  • NDT Testing

  • Wheelset Assembly Repairs and Upgrades


Gearbox Division

Our Gearbox Division services include:

  • Assembly of New Gearboxes

  • Overhaul of In-Service Gearboxes

  • Gearbox Conversions

  • Spin Testing Capabilities for both Gearboxes and Gearbox Mounted Wheel Assemblies

  • NDT Testing

Bearing Division

UTCRAS uses state of the art manufacturing techniques to recondition bearings of all kinds from the locomotive, transit, passenger, light rail and freight sectors of our industry.

UTCRAS prides itself on being the only privately owned AAR certified Bearing facility housed under the same roof as a full service wheelset assembly shop.


Machining and Fabrication Division

Our Machining and Fabrication Division uses the latest techniques and processes to deliver the following to the industry:

  • Machining of All Size Wheels and Tires.

  • Bearing Box Conversions and Modifications

  • Specialty/Custom Axles and Shafts

  • Custom Welding

  • Welding Fabrication

  • Specialty Machining

  • Jigs and Fixtures

  • NDT Testing

  • Machining Small to Large Component Parts with Requirements Up to 60” OD x 120” Long.

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